Using the Telegram Integration

Using the Telegram Integration

Here you can find instructions on how to set up your account to go through to the Telegram application.
This is a one time set up for all platforms that you currently use the software on, and the process should take no more than a couple of minutes:

First of all, go to the "Integrations" page.

1. Choose the integration method suits you best. Private or group chat. 
1.1. If you want to add notifications to a private chat, meaning the bot will notify only you. You need to click "Add to a private chat"
1.2. If you want to add notifications to a telegram group, for example your team chat you need to click "Add to a group chat"

2. On this page you may be asked to log in to Telegram if you aren’t already, following that use the “SEND MESSAGE” button to confirm the creation of the new integration. 

3. Telegram app will open and you should see the “/start” command visible at the bottom of your telegram app, you need to click the "start" button. And close the new tab that opened in your browser.

4. Then our robot will send you a message like this "Your Telegram configuration is active now". When you see this message for the final step, go back to the Robot.alp browser tab and click the "refresh" button below.