How to Create Change Monitor?

How to Create Change Monitor?

Learn how to set up and use this monitor with our easy guide. For more details about its features, hop over to our Change Monitoring Page. Happy exploring!

  1. Click to the “Organizations” tab on the left side.
  2. Find the card of the organization you want to create Change Monitor then click it to access the dashboard.

  3. Find the “Change” tab on the left side and click.

  4. Click to the "New Change Monitor" to create.

  5. Write your Monitor name.

  6. Choose http or https then write the URL without http or https.
  7. Set timeout for response.

  8. Input the screen size to test.

  9. Select the percentage of different pixels allowed to tolerate.

    If there is any change in the pixel percentage you have determined, our system shoots out alerts so we can jump in. There is no need for repeated alerts for minor changes.

  10. Set check interval.

  11. On this page you can also adjust notifications settings with a few clicks.

  12. Click on the “Save” button. - It's ready!

Wait there is more!

  • After creating the monitor, hit the monitor's card to see there is any change.

  • If there isn't any error; You'll see the "Live" badge. Everything is fine!

  • If there is an error, You'll see the "Error" badge.
    You will see the rate of change in the yellow box. Wait! Time to find out about the changes before hitting the "Approve" button.

  • Let's learn the changes!

    REFERENCES TAB: Confirming the changes will update your reference screenshot with the results of your last test. Future tests will be compared to this reference screenshot.

    TEST TAB: Robotalp generates a test screenshot and compares it with the reference screenshot. Any changes show up in Diff and Compare tabs.

    DIFF TEST TAB: Robotalp highlights the differences here. You can review it in detail by scrolling left and right.

    COMPARE TAB: Compare to see the differences between Reference and Test screenshots. You can review it in detail by scrolling left and right.

  • After all checks are completed hit the "Approve" button.

    By approving the changes, you will ensure that your reference files are updated with the latest results from your most recent test. Your future tests will be compared with the screenshots of your most recently approved test.

  • It's done! You can see the "Live" badge. If there is any change, you can continue your checks in this order.