How to Create Ping Monitor

How to Create Ping Monitor

Learn how to set up and use this monitor with our easy guide. For more details about its features, hop over to our Ping Monitoring Page. Happy exploring!

  1. Click to the “Organizations” tab on the left side.
  2. Find the card of the organization you want to create Ping Monitor then click it to access the dashboard.

  3. Find the “Ping” tab on the left side and click.

  4. Click to the "New Ping Monitor" to create.

  5. Write your Monitor name.
  6. Write the IP Address or hostname.
  7. Set timeout for response
  8. Set check interval.- Feel free to select the check interval that suits you best – whether it's minute, hours or days; the decision is yours!

  9. On this page you can also adjust notifications settings with a few clicks.

  10. On this page you can adjust location settings with a few clicks too.

  11. Click on the “Save” button. - It's ready!