How to use the Website Wizard?

How to use the Website Wizard?

What is the Website Wizard?

Picture this: a user-friendly 💜 interface that simplifies the process, making it as easy as waving a wand 🪄. Meet our wizard 🧙🏼‍♂️ - your go-to magic solution ✨ for effortlessly creating monitors for all your websites with just a few clicks! With a sprinkle of magic 🔮, you'll soon have comprehensive monitoring for all your online domains. Let's explore our wizard to make website monitoring a breeze for your business 🌟 ! 

How to use?

  1. Click to the “Organizations” tab on the left side.
  2. Choose an organization’s card, click to access the dashboard.

  3. Find the “Website Wizard” tab on the left side and click.

  4. Enter all the domain(s) you want to monitor. - There is no limit!

  5. Click on the “Next “button to go to the next step.

  6. Enable which monitors you want to create with switches.

  7. Hit the “Edit” button to make detailed settings of your monitors.

  8. On this page you can also adjust notifications settings with a few clicks.

  9. On this page you can adjust location settings with a few clicks too.

  10. Click on the “Save” button. - Yep, one page for all the details, just like magic!

  11. Click the Start button after you finish your settings. - sit back and watch everything ready in seconds.

Instead of going into each monitor individually, adjust all the fine details on a single page using the "Edit" button. 

It is also possible to adjust notifications and location settings on this page with a few clicks. Yep, we weren't kidding when we called it the website wizard.

Need to change your monitor details? Piece of cake! You can easily change the settings later at any time.