How to use the Bulk Actions?

How to use the Bulk Actions?

Learn how to set up and use Bulk Actions with our easy guide. For more details about its features, hop over to our Bulk Actions Page. Happy exploring!

  1. Click to the “Organizations” tab on the left side.
  2. Find the card of the organization you want to make changes then click it to access the dashboard.

  3. Find the “Bulk Actions” tab on the left side and click.

  4. Select an action to continue. You can find the descriptions of the actions below:

    ⏸️ PAUSE: Stop the monitors you choose.
    ▶️ ACTIVATE: Get those monitors back up and running.
    🗑️ DELETE: Delete the monitors you choose. Be sure, once you delete, it's final.
    ⏳ CHANGE INTERVAL: Set how often your monitors check. One monitor type only!

    🕘 CHANGE TIMEOUT: Set a new timeout value for your monitors.

    🔔 CHANGE NOTIFICATIONS: Change notification settings only for the monitors you select in this organization.

    🌍 CHANGE LOCATION(S): Switch up the location settings. One monitor type only!

    Let’s choose the “Pause” button and click it. 

  5. To continue, hit the “Next” button at the bottom of the page.

  6. From the filter tab click to the “Organizations” button and select the organization —You have already chosen the organization you want to make changes but if you changed your mind don't worry. You can choose a different organization from this step.

  7. Click to the "Monitor Type" button and select the monitor type you want to pause.
  8. Click to the “Status” button and select the statue.
  9. Click to the “Keyword” button and enter a word. Then Hit the “Filter” button.

  10. Select what you want to pause from the monitors that appear according to your filter. - If you want, you can make your selection manually instead of filtering.

  11. After checking from selected monitors, click the “Start” button. 

  12. Sit back and witness everything getting ready. Enjoy the ease with Bulk Actions!