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I'm impressed on how easy you can set up all the monitors. The Interface is well thought through. The Help Page shows everything you need to know on how to adjust the parameters.

You get a lot of different monitors for different use cases - not just a "ping" monitor. My personal favorite is the keyword monitor. We once had a failure with a reverse proxy that connected a site to the internet. It sayed "404 not found". Our old Monitoring tool didn't alert us, because the site was technically reachable. But with robotalps' "Keyword" Monitor we can set an URL and for example expect the word "Imprint" to be on that page. If for any reason this error would repeat, we will get an alert now.

Having Monitors set up that inform you of such errors is generally a good idea and give us a little peace of mind. And the chance to react proactively (fix it fast) instead of reactively (when an angry customer calls)...

So I am very glad I got this deal and recommend it to anyone who needs to get a quick response, if something on ones website or infrastructure goes wrong.

Thank you Ercument for this nice Product!
cpf-computer cpf-computer cpf-computer cpf-computer cpf-computer
May 24 2022
Phillip Stemann
I am a huge fan of creative monitors! The fact I can monitor my own Google Page Speed is a huge advantage for me and everyone. The SSL Certificate, safe browsing and so much more, Please keep up the good work and keep thinking in these creative scenarios!

Here is my full video review:
Phillip Stemann
Phillip Stemann Phillip Stemann Phillip Stemann Phillip Stemann Phillip Stemann
Apr 1 2022
Carsten Broich
Ercument built a really nice product that we are using for Sales.Rocks already.

What I love: I can check not just the page but also different API statuses on app. I have not seen a status page app that offers that many different locations for pings. It helped us to discover that in some regions of the world we had slow page load times.

Why should you get this kind of app? Talking to investors, a lot of them asked about uptime status to showcase that you are serious about your service. Additionally, when working with mid and enterprise segment clients, they need this kind of confirmation.

No brainer: unlimited status pages and unlimited CNAME (I first thought it was a mistake). I had a few questions about the products and suggestions: Ercument replied within minutes. Within days they released the requested features and he was so kind to send me the instructions on how to set it up as well. Looking forward to see this developing further. For agencies, this is a great additional offer for your clients.
Carsten Broich
Carsten Broich Carsten Broich Carsten Broich Carsten Broich Carsten Broich
Apr 7 2022
If you run anything in the web you will quickly appreciate the service. The idea is great and so is implementation. It sends GETs or HEADs to your websites, it pings, it tests ports and more.

You can tell the service is still quite fresh, but the most important thing is: it works. I had some problems with pinging service, it didn't work quite as it should. I reported the problem on the team Discord. It was answered in minutes and it was fixed in an hour or two. The speed of those guys! This is not one of those services that sell and forget, those guys really work. And they work fast! I see a bright future here. The service is good already and it's improving all the time. And the support here is the best you can imagine.

So yes, I recommend it, definitely. With imperfections smoothed out it will be even better.
Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin
May 4 2022
So simple and easy. I love that I don't have to add yet another plugin or more js to the site unless I need to get more in depth stats. Easy to turn on the options and to add sites and team members. This is one of the uptime monitors I've seen yet.
Kolleen Kolleen Kolleen Kolleen Kolleen
Sep 11 2022
If you're still hesitating about signing up for Robotalp's monitoring services, now is the time to make a decision. Their excellent support and helpful team are sure to make life easier for you. Plus, their promising roadmap ensures that your purchase will continue to improve. So don't hesitate - sign up today!
The pagespeed monitoring is outstanding and helps to serve as a reminder if your website is not performing to your liking to take action
Khaled Khaled Khaled Khaled Khaled
Sep 1 2022
Ozay Ozdemir
If you still don't have Robotalp, meaning you don't need any monitoring services!! Otherwise don't miss it. They already have good monitoring services with excellent support. If that is not enough for you, then check their promising roadmap.
Ozay Ozdemir
Ozay Ozdemir Ozay Ozdemir Ozay Ozdemir Ozay Ozdemir Ozay Ozdemir
Jun 29 2022
I though I did not need this but when I saw it comes with UNLIMITED organizations, grabbed and tested and it works out of the box! Really looking forward to use this for my clients!
Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike
May 18 2022
I was on the lookout for a monitoring tool, as I manage quite a bit of websites as a web developer. I was looking at established alternatives, however each and every one of them had a problem I could not get over - separating the websites into different organizations/groups. Then I saw a Facebook post about Robot.alp.

It had everything I wanted and more:
- Organizations for better management
- Unlimited monitors
- Different type of monitors for every occasion: http, api, ssl, dns and much more. And it even has a monitor for the ever important Google pagespeeds, what more could I ask for?

So I decided to take the plunge and bought the product. And boy was I satisfied. The moment I registered, I got an email from the founder, Ercument, Inviting me to ask him anything I want and join the community. When I answered and asked something, I got a reply at FTL speeds (nerd warning :)).

When I delved some more into the system, I recognized the status pages feature, which is so much better than just monitoring. Making a status page and giving a client some peace of mind where one could see everything is fine with their systems - priceless.

But it was not over yet. About a day (yes, that is how much development is active) I noticed Ercument added translations to the status page. So i just sent him a small request to see if he would be open for adding translation into my language, so I can give clients an even better experience. Not only did he agree, but I already received a request for translations. How awesome is that?

The things I mentioned above are some of the features Robot.alp has, and there are even more that I have yet to investigate, and more still are added by the day. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who needs to monitor websites, this is one of the best tools I used for this scenario and it is still new!

Ercument, thank you for developing and sharing with us your generosity, I am sure the service is going places, and I am excited to be part of the journey :)
Shay Shay Shay Shay Shay
May 14 2022
Sayra Ozden
I use this tool to monitor several websites and web tools I manage. Robotalp is a very easy-to-use and pragmatic solution for monitoring systems. I like the friendly and focused interface along with the functionality. The price/performance ratio is very good.
Sayra Ozden
Sayra Ozden Sayra Ozden Sayra Ozden Sayra Ozden Sayra Ozden
Mar 28 2022
Philippe Ruaudel
Hi all, Robot.alp is the App i was waiting for monitoring all my projects. And... I have a lot of projects. Many kinds of monitoring and CNAME status pages. The roadmap is promising for Q2 2022. I hope they release soon the iOS app. They are on the good path to become a major one in their domain. Full stack and five tacos ! Thank you Robot.alp team for the quality of your product.
Philippe Ruaudel
Philippe Ruaudel Philippe Ruaudel Philippe Ruaudel Philippe Ruaudel Philippe Ruaudel
Apr 15 2022
Barbas Digital
This is without a doubt the best tool I've found. I take care of a lot of websites and this is very time consuming and complicated. With this tool, all my problems are gone. Congratulations to the entire team. I recommend to everyone.
Barbas Digital
Barbas Digital Barbas Digital Barbas Digital Barbas Digital Barbas Digital
Apr 14 2022
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