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Yalı Spor's Journey to
Proactive Problem-Solving
with Robotalp.

See how Robotalp prevented Yalı Spor from having problems with their customers.

yalı spor teamyalı spor team
decrease in downtimes
increase in page load times
decrease in tickets
Retail / E-commerce
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Yalı Spor, founded in 1989 in Karşıyaka, İzmir, offers world-renowned sports brands in both physical stores and online. The company focuses on continuous growth and development and is known for bringing together leading global sportswear brands. With almost 30 stores, Yalı Spor has a significant sales network and is visited by 8 million consumers per year. The company's success is attributed to a management team dedicated to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, supported by committed employees.

This case study shows how Yalı Spor, an e-commerce company specializing in sportswear and equipment, became more proactive by increasing website performance and customer satisfaction by using the Robotalp monitoring tool.

yali spor team
initial hurdle

Initial Hurdle

Yalı Spor was experiencing frequent outages on important sales days such as Black Friday. This made customers quickly switch to competitor websites and increased bounce rates. Slow page load times and inconsistent user experience were also impacting sales.
larger hurdles

Larger Hurdles

These problems not only caused loss of revenue but also damaged brand reputation. Yalı Spor needed a strong solution to monitor website performance in real time and fix issues proactively.

How did Robotalp help to Yalı Spor?

Yalı Spor partnered with Robotalp to enhance its website's performance. Robotalp analyzed the website thoroughly to find any problems. They used advanced monitoring tools to provide real-time data analysis and performance monitoring. This proactive approach helped Yalı Spor quickly fix technical issues and maintain a positive brand image. Thanks to this, downtime decreased by 82%, page load times improved by 42%, and customer satisfaction increased. The improvements led to increased sales and a better brand image.
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See how the partnership between Yalı Spor and Robotalp has enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.
hasan yildiz qoute
Partnering with Robotalp has been a game-changer for us at Yalı Spor. Before, we felt constantly on the back foot, reacting to website issues only after they had already affected our customers and sales. Robotalp's comprehensive monitoring tools turned that around. Their real-time data analysis and proactive issue resolution empowered us to get ahead of problems before they could escalate. This not only boosted our operational efficiency but also deeply enhanced our customer relations. We've seen a significant uptick in customer satisfaction and retention, which has directly translated to increased sales. It's clear that Robotalp understands the stakes for e-commerce platforms and delivers exactly what is needed to keep them running smoothly.
Hasan Yıldız
E-commerce Manager at Yalı Spor
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