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Sales.Rocks's Journey to
Increase Customer Trust
with Robotalp

See how Robotalp prevented Sales.Rocks from having problems with their customers. team
decrease in downtimes
increase in page load times
decrease in tickets
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Halfrond 41, 3071 PP, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Sales.Rocks is a platform that helps companies with sales and automation. It provides access to contact profiles for millions of companies and contacts worldwide. It also automates the outreach process for sales and marketing teams. With additional tools like email and phone verification, as well as a Chrome extension for extracting data from websites, it offers a complete solution for sales and marketing.

This case study shows how Sales.Rocks improved customer service, became more proactive, increased efficiency and customer satisfaction by using the Robotalp status page tool.

sales rocks team
initial hurdle

Initial Hurdle

Sales.Rocks often had difficulty communicating transparently with its customers when providing real-time updates on the performance of its services or during technical downtime.
immediate impact

Immediate Impact

Without a proper channel, such information gaps can lead to frustration, eroding trust and potentially driving customers away.
larger hurdles

Larger Hurdles

This not only risks losing time and money but can also damage a business's brand reputation permanently. A lack of clear and immediate communication tools like a status page leaves your business vulnerable, missing the opportunity to maintain leadership and trust in your industry.

How did Robotalp help to Sales.Rocks?

Robotalp's status page tool can revolutionize how your business communicates during critical times. This digital dashboard acts as a transparent, real-time communication tool, informing customers about the health of your services without overwhelming them with technical details. robotalp status page


See how the partnership between Sales.Rocks and Robotalp has enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.
carsten broich qoute
The Robotalp's status page tool has significantly improved our customer communication, particularly during unexpected downtimes. By keeping everyone informed with real-time updates, we've noticed a remarkable improvement in customer satisfaction and trust. It’s so user-friendly and eliminates all the guesswork for our clients. Maintaining transparency is truly crucial as it safeguards our reputation, especially during critical moments.
carsten broich
Carsten Broich
CEO & Founder at Sales.Rocks
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