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Barbas Digital's Journey to
Proactive Problem-Solving
with Robotalp.

See how Robotalp prevented Barbas Digital from having problems with their customers.

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decrease in downtimes
increase in page load times
decrease in tickets
Digital Marketing & Technology, Information & Internet
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Barbas Digital specializes in creating powerful websites and offers a subscription-based business model. They use modern design and technology to create high-quality digital experiences that are suitable for a variety of industries, with a focus on customer satisfaction and brand value.

This case study shows how Barbas Digital improved their customer service by using the Robotalp uptime tracking tool, becoming more proactive and increasing their efficiency and customer satisfaction.

barbas digital team
initial hurdle

Initial Hurdle

When issues arise at Barbas Digital without the CTO and his team being aware, the first people to notice are often our customers' customers.
immediate impact

Immediate Impact

This leads to frustrated customers contacting Barbas Digital with the code 'URGENT', which increases stress and disrupts our workflow.
larger hurdles

Larger Hurdles

Spending excessive time addressing these interruptions means less focus on creative and productive tasks. This not only reduces work efficiency, but can also cause disruptions in your team's work plan.

How did Robotalp help to Barbas Digital?

Robotalp's uptime monitoring tool provides Barbas Digital with critical downtime notifications, allowing issues to be addressed before they impact their customers. This solution prevents customers from needing to report problems themselves, often citing downtime as an urgent issue.
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See how the partnership between Barbas Digital and Robotalp has enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.
guilherme souza qoute
Robotalp's downtime notification system has improved our agency's productivity and creativity by proactively monitoring services, preventing disruptions, and enhancing work efficiency, resulting in positive customer interactions and higher overall satisfaction. Also with a well-aligned partnership between Barbas Digital and Robotalp, whenever we were contacted with suggestions for improvements to make better use of the tool, we, always attentive to the customer's needs, worked to assist in the process.
guilherme souza
Guilherme Souza
CTO at Barbas Digital
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