Release 1.11

Hey Robotalp family! 👋🏻

Ercument here from Robot.alp. I'm truly proud to announce our newest updates and features to you! 🦾

Please remember, your name is etched forever in our code as thanks and anyone is invited to see the names written. 🤖

Keeping everyone informed as to our progress is important to me 🤜🏻🤛🏻. For the past few weeks, we have received lots of feedback and support from you 🙌🏻. 

This made us move even faster and develop the following new features 🚀:

✅ Domain monitoring (New)

✅ Ping monitoring (New)

✅ Pabbly Connect integration (New)

✅ Location selection option for Ping, Port, API, SSL, Keyword, DNS monitors

✅ False positive control option enabled on all monitors and it's even more powerful now!

✅ It is now possible to add all monitors to the status page.

✅ Multi-language feature on status page (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian)

✅ List/Grid view and sorting feature on monitor list screen

✅ TCP/UDP option for Port monitoring

✅ White-label option on status page (Available in the Tier4 plan)

✅ You can now select a custom User-Agent on Uptime monitors

✅ Timeout value increased to 30 seconds

✅ Bug fixes, optimizations and interface enhancement

... and more!

Want to have the big picture? Have a look on the roadmap and be part of it ✨!

See the roadmap;

Stay tuned for news and updates! 

Thank you for your unending support ❤️,