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Our global network has 20 different monitoring servers that allows checking your services every 1 minute for 365 days a year from all around the world. In this way you'll be the first to know about any issue and being able to work on as soon as possible.
Monitoring your website from all around the world.

That's just the tip of the iceberg

Advanced features for advanced users.
Website monitoring timezone


We support all the different time zones. For example, if you are in Eastern Standard Time, you can use America/New_York.

Website monitoring organizations


Arrange your monitors and teammates into specific organizations.

Website monitoring frequency


According to monitor type, you can set check frequency as low as to 1 minute! Higher intervals such as hourly or daily is also an option.

Website monitoring logging


You can access the complete list of monitoring events to assist you. We store monitoring data for 1 year, free.

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