You don't need to install anything, since robot.alp runs in the cloud. Robot.alp built to make your life easier.
We have 8 monitors in total for different functions.

Website monitoring


It is critical for your online success that your websites are available from different regions.

  • We check response times and report day by day, so you know the fastest and the slowest.
  • Get precise information about encountered errors about your website with exact time logging mechanism.

Be the first who knows that your website is down.

Website Monitoring

Port monitoring


A port is a part of the network address and ensures the proper distribution of connections and data packets. Many applications use typical or standardized ports.

Open ports make your network vulnerable to trojans and exploits. Administrators looks fort he best security and it takes a lot effort to scan ports frequently.

Our robots monitor if ports are open or closed and keep you up-to-date by way of a built-in, customizable alert system.

Port Monitoring

API monitoring


It is a customizable monitor type that allows to check your custom parameters!

You should create an endpoint on your API (its response has to be json format) including your parameters and values. Then you can program our API monitor using logical operators to check parameters.

  • Notify if the room temperature parameter is higher than 24.
  • Notify if total count of orders in an hour is less than 200.
  • etc.
Api Monitoring

SSL Certificate monitoring


HTTPS is a must today and any misconfiguration can easily stop customers from accessing your website.

  • Expired SSL Certificate causes your website to be unreachable and marked as dangerous and your customers will not be able to pay securely on your website.
  • We continuously monitor your SSL certificates, to ensure your website is available and shows the secure padlock to your customers.

Don’t lose visitors because of expired SSL certificate. Get notified before expiry so you have time to act.

Ssl Certificate Monitoring

Keyword monitoring


Working with keywords is one of the most crucial aspects of SEO. Organizations want to offer the most relevant content when specific terms (keywords) have been used in a search engine.

You want some keywords to be included or not to be included on your website.

Our robots continuously check whether the keyword appears on a page. Get notifications if any of your keywords are included or not.

Keyword Monitoring

DNS monitoring


Every day thousands of domains are lost or hijacked. It's never a good sign if your domain's nameservers are suddenly changed, without you knowing about it.

Your domain could have expired or even worse, could have been hijacked. So it's always a good idea to monitor your domains for any unexpected nameservers changes.

Don't lose your domain! Get notifications if your domains about to change registered dns servers.

Dns Monitoring

SafeBrowsing monitoring


Safe Browsing is a service that Google's security team built to identify unsafe websites across the web.

If websites added to Safe Browsing list, users see a warning in Google Search Results. User can be alerted by browser if they try to visit the site. The warnings are stark red and unmissable! The Safe Browsing list identifies several types of reasons why a website can be added to the list.

Get notifications if any of your websites are listed in unsafe site list.

safe browsing monitoring

Pagespeed monitoring


Google PageSpeed Insights reports on the real-world performance of a web page for mobile and desktop devices and provides suggestions on how that page may be improved when analyzing a single page.

If your PageSpeed scores are low, your competitors are more than ready to nab customers from you with a quicker page load. That’s not all. SEO is hugely impacted by slow page load speed which means your ranking significantly drops.

Monitor your PageSpeed scores and get notifications if any of your scores are low.

Pagespeed Insights Monitoring

Your customers are everywhere;
so we are.

Our global network has 20 different monitoring servers that allows checking your services every 1 minute for 365 days a year from all around the world. In this way you'll be the first to know about any issue and being able to work on as soon as possible.
Monitoring your website from all around the world.

Get notifications in a way you like

Downtime happens… You will be notified instantly when your services goes down with notifications that supports Telegram, Slack, Discord, Zapier, Webhook, Email, SMS.

Monitoring E-mail Notification
Monitoring Sms Notification
Monitoring Telegram Notification
Monitoring Slack Notification
Monitoring Zapier Notification
Monitoring Discord Notification
Monitoring Webhook Notification
Uptime Monitoring Notifications
User Friendly Monitoring Dashboard

User-friendly dashboard

We have an easy and intuitive control panel where you can quickly find incidents that robot.alp detects and logs.

A pure awesome dashboard :)

That's just the tip of the iceberg

Advanced features for advanced users.
Website monitoring timezone


We support all the different time zones. For example, if you are in Eastern Standard Time, you can use America/New_York.

Website monitoring organizations


Arrange your monitors and teammates into specific organizations.

Website monitoring frequency


According to monitor type, you can set check frequency as low as to 1 minute! Higher intervals such as hourly or daily is also an option.

Website monitoring logging


You can access the complete list of monitoring events to assist you. We store monitoring data for 1 year, free.

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