What Is Uptime Tracking?

January 17 20223 mins read

What Is Uptime Tracking?

What Is Uptime Tracking?

When you go for a test drive in a new car, the last thing you want is for it to break down. When you are trying out someone new, the last thing you want is to find them unfaithful. When you are looking at moving into a new house, the last thing you want is to find out it has a major fault.

The same can be said when planning on running a website. Nobody wants their site to go down and nobody wants to find problems with it when they launch or when in full flow.

What is uptime?

Uptime is a time measurement command for how long a system has been running. It can tell the user that his computer has been on for 24 hours, or that it’s been three days since his last reboot. The uptime command itself is very simple, it returns the length of time that a system has been running.

Uptime is the time during which a system is running without failure. The term was coined by Pat O'Neill while at National Cash Register Company in 1981, to contrast with downtime, the time during which a system does not function. It refers to how long a computer or an application has been working correctly since its last restart. If the uptime is more, it means that the system has encountered fewer problems. Uptime tracking is a service in which you can track your website uptime.

Why should I monitor uptime?

Most probably, you will ask yourself why should I monitor my website for this long period of time. If your site goes down or doesn't respond in a minute or two you'll start to freak out and you'll probably call your hosting provider to check what happened. If it is a simple problem, the support will fix the fault and you'll be back online.

If however, there's a bigger issue, you won't know for how long your site was offline. And that's exactly where uptime tracking comes into play.

By monitoring your site uptime you'll get notified by email each time your site goes down. So, even if you are asleep or on a business trip, downtime won't catch you unaware anymore. Robotalp is a service to track the availability of websites. The uptime monitoring tool offered by Robotalp is one of its kind and it monitors the website from three different locations which makes sure that even if 1 or 2 locations are down, the website can still be tracked properly. With this kind of technology there is almost no way for a website to get offline unless the entire datacenter is down. This uptime monitoring tool provides a report that shows all time periods of downtime and an alert will be sent out if any downtime occurs in your web site.

Uptime is percentage of time your web server, game server, community server, workstation or device is up and running. For example website can't be accessible if it's down so uptime means the percentage of the time our site is available to users. Uptime in monitored in seconds and not in percentages and it tells the availability of a system. For example if your server is down for 5 minutes it's will be calculated as downtime not uptime. Uptime monitoring calculates the time the device or website has been up and running in seconds.

In conclusion

You can't imagine what will happen if your server or website is down even for 1 minute. Your clients will leave you and you will be loosing money. If you want to keep your computer running smoothly, looking at the risks, threats, and problems of downtime is something that should not be put on the back burner. 

Uptime is the most important factor in web hosting service. If your website or server has not uptime it means that you are loosing money and users. It's like a sun that rise every morning but if you will loose some minutes of sunshine it's still called sunrise. Uptime monitoring can solve lots of problems for servers, websites, work station or device owners.

Uptime monitoring tools report periodically at a set time interval whether the server is up or down. They do this by checking to see whether the web server, application server or other service is running.

Monitoring uptime is important for any production server, especially when it's running a website or a web application. Using the application below will help you ensure that your site stays up and running by notifying you of any downtime.

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