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Do you need a strong password? If so, check out this new and improved Strong Password Generator Tool! This tool will generate an unbreakable password of your desired length with just one click! It's easy to use and it works on all major browsers. You can even copy the generated password into your clipboard if you want.

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What is this Strong Password Generator Tool?

Online Password Generator is a free tool that allows you to generate random passwords quickly and easily. It uses uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters to create strong password combinations.

It can also be used as a convenient way to generate random or personalized usernames for any purpose. For every generated password you will get its statistics: password length, the number of symbol sets and their combinations.

Using this tool you can create randomly generated passwords with 6 - 50 characters made up from all four types of symbols: numerical digits, small letters, capital letters and special symbols.

These passwords are categorized by their length. All passwords have a minimum of 6 characters with maximum password length of 50.

To Generate Strong Passwords

The password strength displayed in the statistics is a calculation of the entropy. Entropy is a measure of a set of characters which explains how much uncertainty there is when someone attempts to guess them. It does not take into account any customizations you made, such as that you replaced some symbols with others or removed special symbols from the set.

To measure entropy, every password must have a known length and a set of possible characters, which means that if you're only using the default character set from this generator, the password strength is simply equal to its length. Make sure you change your settings to use custom symbols if you want to get an accurate estimate of the strength for your password.

The strength bar gives you an idea of the relative strength of the password, but it doesn't take entropy into account, so two passwords with different symbols but equal length could have the same strength if their symbol set has the same entropy.

For this reason it is not recommended to use either full upper or lower case letters for a password, as both character sets have the same entropy, meaning you lose the benefit of having multiple uppercase and lowercase letters. The best way to use this generator is to generate a password with mixed cases and symbols.

For instance if a password has 20 characters, composed only of digits 0-9, it will have an entropy of 10*log(10,20) = 10*3.32192809488736 = 33.2 bits of entropy.

The password strength bar will display the relative strength of the password according to its length and symbols used, but no actual calculation is done on the number of bits that are in that password or other statistics about it - if two passwords have the same strength, but one has digits 0-9 and small letters only and the other uses all four character sets, they will both be displayed with the same strength because their symbols sets have equal entropy.

An 'unreadable' password is a password that follows this criteria: 1. Contains mixed cases 2. Some special characters 3. Minimum length of 8 characters. In order to view the password you will need to copy and paste it.

Why do you need to use a strong password generator?

Nowadays, it is necessary for almost all of us to have a password on almost every online account we own. In this era where everything is digitalized and information security has become critical, having a strong password or passphrase can save you from being hacked by someone who may want your personal information.

Not everyone knows how to choose the right passwords or phrases that are strong and unique. A password generator tool can generate different passwords for you that include numbers, letters, symbols and upper/lower case characters. The generated codes will be complex and strong enough to resist a hacking attack from someone who is trying to get into your account without permission.

Here are some tips on how you can make the most out of your password generator.
  • Do not use any common words or phrases that are found in the dictionary to come up with a complex password. Also, avoid using personal information such as your name, birthday or social security number because it can be traced back to you.
  • Select random letters and characters instead of typing them manually on the password generator website.
  • Coca Avoid using a single word or a sequence of alphabets since it will be easier to break. For example, if you create "passwd123" as your password, it is better not to use the combination of lower case and numbers. You can also add special characters such as asterisks (*) or braces () to make the password more complex.
  • Use different passwords for your online accounts so that even if one of them is hacked or found, you will not lose all of your data.
  • Change your passwords regularly and avoid using the same ones repeatedly.

Above all, never ever reveal your password to anyone, especially those who claim they need it to check something on your account for you. If they really need it, they can always send a password reset email and ask you for the new code.
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