Uptime Monitoring

The process of uptime monitoring the availability and performance of web servers, network infrastructure, or specific network segments in order to identify any issues that may affect users.

uptime monitoring

What is uptime monitoring?

Uptime is the term used to refer to the ability of a website to operate continuously without crashing or freezing. Achieving 100% uptime for an IT infrastructure can be quite challenging, even more so if we consider that some systems need constant maintenance and updates due to their nature. With all this in mind, sofware engineers have developed several techniques to help organizations with their IT infrastructure monitoring. One of these solutions is called "uptime monitoring".

In the event of an outage which impacts a critical service, uptime monitoring can help provide early warning to you; in conjunction with notification methods (e-mail, telegram, slack, discord). Depending on the level of integration offered by the uptime monitoring provider; they may even be able to determine when your ISP is experiencing issues.

Uptime monitoring can be a useful tool for businesses that rely on the availability of web services. Popular examples include ecommerce companies, financial institutions and news providers. The monitoring tools work by pinging your website to see if it's available.

Why should you use
an uptime monitoring service?

So why is uptime monitoring necessary? Ultimately uptime monitoring allows you to know if your service is available or offline. If your services are down then you want to know that as soon as possible and get the best advice on courses of action depending on what's occurred. Uptime monitoring helps businesses maintain their reputation by keeping customers up-to-date with the current status of their services during unexpected outages. Uptime monitoring helps you maintain accountability among your customers because they'll always know what's going on with your site even if you can't update them directly due to issues beyond your control (such as ISP problems)

Uptime monitoring can be done locally in a data center’s firewall or at multiple locations globally. Our global network has 20 different monitoring servers that allows checking your services every 1 minute for 365 days a year from all around the world. In this way you'll be the first to know about any issue and being able to work on as soon as possible.

We check response times from different locations, so you know the fastest and the slowest. Get precise information about encountered errors about your website with exact time logging mechanism.

Uptime monitoring provides a level of accountability that customers have come to expect from major brands.

Be the first who knows that your website is down.

How does an uptime monitoring service work?

First and foremost, we monitor your websites. You can see it in realtime - no delays or anything like that! If a website does go down you will be notified via email, sms, telegram, slack or discord associated with your account. The first thing you might want to do after noticing your site isn't running is check whether your hosting service representative is aware of the problem and working towards fixing it.

Every website owner knows how crucial it is to be able to monitor his/her web site's uptime. A broken website, even if only for a few minutes, means that your visitors probably didn't receive the content they were expecting and as such will try accessing other websites instead. This, in turn, results in those users not returning to your website and may also affect online business statistics such as rankings on search engines and popularity indexes on social media sites.

Now that you got an overview of what exactly uptime monitoring services do let's discuss the advantages they present over other ways of keeping track of the uptime of your website. Having an uptime monitoring service that constantly tracks the availability of your website means that you'll be notified whenever there's an unexpected situation, no matter whether you're asleep, at work or simply enjoying time with friends and family. As such you can instantly take action to solve any issues related to being unable to access your site.

Be the first who knows that your website is down.

Downtime happens to all services on the worst moments

When you are asleep or running a giant advertising campaign. Downtime is never good for business and you should be the first to know with uptime monitoring software. Uptime monitoring can minimize risk of losing your customers, time, money & brand reputation.

uptime monitoring

Don't lose customer confidence

Your customers and website visitors value a website that is always accessible. Downtime can send people over to your competition and changes are that they are never coming back.

uptime monitoring

See the issues before your clients or bosses do

Stay on top of the issues with our proactive notifications and insightful reports. Get a sense that something’s wrong before it even happens and let us help you never let them see you sweat.

uptime monitoring

Make your life easier and less stressful

Tired of managing too many things with too many tools? Simplify your life with our all-in-one monitoring solution. All your websites, servers, networks and applications from one easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard.

uptime monitoring

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