Uptime Monitoring Tool

The main advantage of using an uptime monitoring tool like Robotalp is that it gives peace of mind.

uptime monitoring tool
uptime monitoring tool

For many IT and network managers, uptime monitoring is a critical part of their roles. If your company provides online services to its customers, you probably want to know when the servers go down and how long it takes to restore accessibility. If there's ever any question about whether or not you can meet contractual obligations with your own clients (for example, in the case of an SLA), uptime monitoring tools can be invaluable.

But what exactly is "uptime" when we talk about servers? To answer this question for our purposes here: It refers to the ability of a web site or other resource to stay accessible by our audience for a given amount of time.

The need for monitoring what is uptime has increased with the fact that more businesses are shifting to online. With customers inclined towards websites they can visit anytime of day or night, having downtime without you knowing can lead to loss of sales and eventually reduced profit margins.

Uptime Monitoring Tool

Uptime monitoring is the process of measuring and managing availability of websites.

The term "uptime" refers to how long a system has been available for use, and in this context it is synonymous with terms like up-time or up time. An uptime monitor is a tool that can measure and report on the uptime/availability of its monitored websites. Because availability might vary over time, the amount of data required to calculate this value must be collected over at least one complete period of high activity (i.e., during peak load). The more representative the sample, the higher quality will be the estimate of availability.

Uptime monitoring does not include the concept of system failures or downtime - it only measures whether or not a system is available for use at a given point in time. This distinction is made because most computer systems have planned downtimes where they are being regularly maintained or serviced. To account for this issue some uptime software vendors therefore refer to uptime "scheduled downtime" which refers to down times that have been scheduled rather than unplanned, and thus do not contribute to their availability results.

A common way of demonstrating availability is by measuring "uptime" – which represents how long a service has been operational without experiencing any unexpected shutdowns.

How Uptime Monitoring Tool Works?

In practice, the measurement of availability can become complicated when multiple components contribute to the overall availability of a system. For example, in the case of a web application, there are typically three major components: the server itself, the network between the users and this server, and the application itself executing on that server. Availability across these three independent elements can be added together to give an overall figure for system uptime, or availability.

Robotalp uptime monitoring tool will ping or send an HTTP request on scheduled time (every 1 minute/hour/day) and check whether your website is up at that moment from 20 different locations around the world. It will save history log files of past activities for future reference.

Robotalp Uptime Monitoring Tool Will Notify You Before Your Customers

If a business owner is not monitoring their systems they may be unaware of issues until an emergency arises, such as the loss of data due to a system crash or hardware failure. Problems can usually be at least partially addressed before those very problems become full-blown crises that might require even more work and money to resolve. Having regular maintenance routines in place will help avoid these kinds of problems, because proactive actions are always better than reactive ones.

Another benefit of an uptime monitoring tool is faster problem resolution time. The sooner you're aware of a problem, the faster it can be resolved, especially if there's no one on site who's responsible for troubleshooting 24/7. When something goes wrong with your computer systems, software or data connections, you need to know as quickly as possible.

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