What is Website Monitoring?

What is Website Monitoring?

"Website monitoring" is a service that checks on an internet site's availability continuously. Website monitoring is a process of analyzing the performance and uptime of one or more websites. This website performance monitoring tool is used by organizations to ensure that websites are always up-to-date and perform as well as possible for the user.

Web monitoring can be done locally in a data center’s firewall or at multiple locations globally. Providers of the monitoring service often provide a browser-based or mobile application, depending on your preference.

That is, there are two ways you can monitor websites:

  1. With a traditional local monitoring system: Programs focus on the website's health on the server and may not reflect a user's experience. Under normal conditions, the server is running and the website appears to function as expected.
  2. Global monitoring: Testing and monitoring the uptime of servers ensures that your critical services are up and ready to run at all times. For example, a website may not be accessible within specific regions because of DNS errors. Setting up global monitoring may help remedy this specific issue by updating or fixing the DNS server in question. End-user monitoring or end-to-end uptime monitoring provides global monitoring by testing availability and performance from the perspective of actual users. Therefore, it is great for tracking individual incidents and assessing the impact of website changes.

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