What Do Online Monitoring Tools Do?

What Do Online Monitoring Tools Do?

In a time when websites have become crucial for business, it is important to continuously monitor their availability and performance. Monitoring tools help in this regard by identifying and alerting the administrator in case of issues with website availability or performance.

A monitoring tool can do that either by actively probing your website (i.e., simulating user visits) or by passively waiting for notifications from the web server about changes in its status - e.g., incoming requests, errors, etc. Probing requires more system resources whereas listening to notifications reduces them since there is no need to constantly make HTTP requests  to the monitored site

Online servers are an essential part of today. Without these, the online services we are fond of, like mailing, shopping, would not be possible. The hosting servers run the sites we use and keep them connected to its users; if there is a glitch that causes the server to stop hosting the site which we use, we won't be able to use its features. We have seen downtimes in many great applications like Facebook, online shopping stores and the like recently. 

The solution to such dilemmas is softwares like Robotalp. These are online monitoring softwares that keep an eye on the working of a website. They have many functions and operations that are performed to avoid any downtime; since downtime, in many cases, can be quite a big blow to the enterprise's revenue, even if it is for a short period. So let's look at what these online monitor tools have to offer.

Uptime monitoring

Online tools are overall used for uptime monitoring. Uptime is when the site is online and working well; if there is some issue and the site crashes, it is facing downtime. A major reason why sites use online tools is uptime monitoring. They keep a check on the time that the site is live; if there is any downtime, it records it and lets the owners know to find the root cause and not let it happen again.

SSL monitoring

Since HTTPS is a must, any mistake in configuration can render your website inaccessible to customers. Your website may be down if your certification expires, so online monitoring keeps an eye on such things too.

DNS monitoring

Domain names are a type of your identity. If you own a site that is doing pretty well, it must be a target for hijackers. That is why it is necessary to keep your domain servers in check to report back to you if there is any suspicious activity.

Keyword monitoring

Keywords are specific words used in the text of a site to boost ranking in search engines. Now, whether your keywords are being shown on your site or not is a different deal altogether. That is why it is necessary to have online tools to monitor these too.

Final thought

If you already have a website that you want monitored (monitored means checked at certain intervals), then you are taking care of part of the process. However, if you need additional help with your site's performance and security, then there are many website monitoring tools available that can take care of this task for you—all it takes is a subscription fee from time to time after hiring them.

Online monitoring tools are a great help to keep your website in check. Whether it's your keywords, domain, or security concerns, it is always best to invest in a good online monitoring tool to ensure proper working for your site.

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