What Are the Benefits of Website Monitoring?
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Nov 05,2021

What Are the Benefits of Website Monitoring?

You have a business but the site is down. What do you do in this situation? You stare in disbelief and wish that there was a better option in place for when things go wrong. The truth is, not every website is prepared to absorb downtime with ease. If you're running a business from your site then it's essential that you monitor how it performs on a regular basis. 

Key reasons why website monitoring is important:

1) Improved search engine rankings - It has been proven again and again to Google and other search engines that an online business' main priority is ensuring their customers have a great experience on their site, if this isn't happening then it's likely they will go elsewhere or just simply not return. This means that whenever a customer visits your site and it is unavailable, then you are losing out on revenue, something that search engines can take notice of.

2) Improved brand reputation - For many companies the website plays a major role in building their brand image. It's often the first place customers will visit when they are looking for information about your business, prior to deciding whether to purchase from you or not. If the site is frequently down due to an unreliable website monitoring system, this lowers your brand's reputation associated with being professional and successful.

3) Avoid penalties from search engines - Google offers various different types of penalties that can be applied if their guidelines aren't met while Yahoo! uses similar rules while determining site rankings. For instance, if your site is frequently offline Google might reduce the sites' ranking position in search listings or remove it completely from the index altogether.

4) Improved customer satisfaction - A website that's constantly down can seriously damage a company's reputation among existing and future customers. It will cause frustration for your visitors who are unable to access what they have come to expect from your business which could result in them visiting another site instead. All these potential lost sales affect the overall profitability of your business so avoiding this by having an effective website monitoring software is essential.

5) More opportunities to connect with current customers - Once you've got an online presence, you need to make sure it stays available at all times so you can market directly to existing customers who have shown interest in your brand. If you have a website that's down for days on end, then there's a good chance they may start to lose faith and look into other options instead.

6) Avoid potentially losing future customers - As stated before, an offline website can give the impression of being unprofessional and lacking credibility which will only cause new visitors to flee away from your site and never return. For this reason keeping your business website up and running is essential as it allows people to see exactly what you do and how well you do it. It shows them that you are a reputable company with great products or services which will help stand out against competitors within the industry.

7) You could be fined by Google - If your site is offline for a long period of time, then Google might decide to reduce the sites' ranking position in search listings or remove it completely from their index altogether. Whenever you tell Google that your site is down, an automatic report will be generated and sent to Search Console which could result in a penalty being applied if the downtime status hasn't been updated for a prolonged period of time after being back up and running again.

8) Your business may lose sales - It's almost inevitable that whether you realize it or not, there are people who have visited your website before it went down and they were considering buying from you at some point. By having your site constantly monitored by a third party system means that when customers visit your site while it's offline, they will still be able to place their orders as normal. This allows you to avoid losing out on sales that may have been made if the site wasn't monitored and was offline for a couple of days, weeks or even months.

9) Fixing potential security threats - Since your site is open for people to browse through, it could potentially be scanned by malicious attackers looking to find any vulnerabilities that they can exploit. If this does happen then the website monitoring service you are using will receive an alert that there is either a virus or some form of malware on your website which means you can fix the problem before it gets out of hand.

10) Ensures you are notified when there is a problem - Since the website monitoring tool will be looking for your website(s) to respond on an ongoing basis, it'll send notifications of any downtime to the account owner immediately which makes it easier for them to ensure that they get back online as soon as possible. By having this type of service in place, business owners can avoid missing sales while also gaining more customers by being up and running 24/7.

In conclusion If you're looking for a cost effective way to monitor the uptime of multiple websites then using this type of system is one of the best options currently available. Website monitoring software is easy to set up and ready to go in less than five minutes which means no lost sales for your company while also allowing you to maintain search engine rankings at all times! 

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