How Do I Check the Downtime of a Website?
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Nov 27,2021

How Do I Check the Downtime of a Website?

Nowadays, more and more business owners are relying on their web presence to maintain a successful enterprise. High-speed internet has become a necessity in this day and age, but downtime can be costly. If you're tired of using your browser's built-in refresh button just to check if your favorite sites are back online yet again, there is an easy way out: use one of many website monitoring services that will inform you as soon as they detect any issues.

All you have to do is sign up for a free account and add the addresses of all the websites you want to monitor. Then, the website will try its best to reach your domains at scheduled time intervals. If it ever fails to go through with any of them for various reasons, a notification will be sent your way so that you can take appropriate measures.

It is possible to see a website online due to it being hosted by a server. Websites are intricate matters that involve a lot of complexities that may not be known to the commoner. That is why if someone does start a site or an online store or doesn't see the sales as much as they should have been, it's probably because of downtime. Let's dive a little deeper into that.

What is the downtime?

Downtime refers to the specific amount of time your website was not live; this means an audience or customers could not have accessed the site. For e-stores, every single second matters in their sales, and frequent downtimes can mean the death of their store. That's why it is necessary to have online monitoring tools like Robotalp that can monitor the downtime of your website and let you know so you can get it fixed.

Here's how you can keep your downtime in check

That being said, one might ask how does it work exactly? Most website monitoring services are capable of carrying out HTTP requests at pre-determined times or regular intervals in order to check if everything's working properly on your end. That means that if access is denied due to technical problems or server downtimes , a speed bump will occur and the request will not be completed. After a similar situation occurs a number of times, you're likely to get an email about it from the monitoring service.

You can keep an eye on the time your site remained down by employing a few things. You can opt for manual methods used in the past, but a more advanced and easy option are online monitoring tools. Online monitoring tools such as websites and software maintain your website monitoring; they also keep checks and balances on many aspects of your site that help you check the downtime. For example, they monitor the following to find out more details of your downtime.

Uptime monitoring

A major function of these online tools is uptime monitoring. They monitor the time your site was live. This means that if there is downtime, they will record that too. In addition, the software will keep tabs on when and why your website was down at that particular time.

SSL certificate monitoring

You can also check the case of your downtime by having your ssl certificates monitored. Expired SSL Certificates are the common reasons why your website could be down. So make sure to employ online tools to keep your ssl certificates in check, so you don't have to lose your customers.

Pagespeed performance monitoring

This monitors the performance of your website and whether all aspects are working well. If a user is waiting more than a few seconds for your page to load they are likely to leave and your competitors are more than ready to nab customers from you with a quicker page load.


Online monitoring tools are a great way to check your downtime. They keep a check on the functions and the overall performance of a site. This helps ensure that your site remains live for most part of the day and does not run into downtimes that may affect your business.

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